Tag from Katherine

I got this tag from Ate Kath. Thanks for the tag sis, you made my day busy hehehe…

Here's the rule of this tag.

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

Let's do this!

1. Where is your cellphone --- inside my drawer

2. Your hair --- long and black

3. Your father --- I never know who my biological father is huhuhu

4. Your favorite thing --- cellphone

5. Your dream last night --- I did not dream last night

6. Your favorite drink --- juice

7. Your dream goal --- to be successful in life (all aspect)

8. The room you are in --- Office

9. Your fear --- hhhMMM…cockroach (yaykkssss)

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years --- Abroad

11. Muffins --- any flavor

12. One of your wish list items --- to be successful in life and have a happy family soon.

13. Where you grew up --- Romblon and Manila

14. The last thing you did --- give exam to applicants

15. What are you wearing --- office uniform

16. Your TV --- Philip

17. Your pet --- none

18. Your computer --- company pc

19. Your life --- normal

20. Your mood --- serious

21. Missing someone --- yeah, my family in Romblon and also my Michael

22. Your car --- don't have

23. Favorite store --- SM

24. Your summer --- stay in boarding house

25. Your favorite color --- blue, yellow green, and pink

26. When was the last time you laughed --- can't remember

27. When was the last time you cried ---can’t remember

28. Last person who emailed you --- google adsense

29. Your favorite food --- space is not enough hahahaha

30. A place you would rather be right now --- Romblon

Now I am passing this tag to Ate Donna, Ate Nikko, Ate Kittykat, Ate Ghie, and Ate Sheng. Grab it sisters.


ghieGANDA said...

hey sissy.. tnx a lot. will grab this as soon as i can. dami ko pending tags e.. heheheh.. but truly, tnx a lot. =)

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