Happy Birthday Rica!

My little sister just turn 10 years old yesterday, November 1. Oppss, November 1 is All Saints Day, NOT All Souls Day. I don't know if they celebrate since I am not with my family this time. We are hundred miles away since they are in Romblon and I'm here in Laguna. I just go their every December to January so as to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the entire clan. 

To my sissy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh my lovely necklace!

I'm sorry for letting  you sleep on the pawnshop for at least one month. I really want you to be with me always but for the reason I can resist, we need to be apart. Don't worry, I will still fetch you their. Just wait for December 2 to come, okey? I hope you don't get mad at me. We will still be together and I promise, I will make up with you. I will take good care of you like how I take good care of myself. I know you do understand that circumstance really comes when it is least expected. I thank you for solving my problem asap:) Can't wait to be with you again.

Emma Watson - A Multi Millionaire

Emma Watson, 20 years old actress was best known when she become the Hermione Granger of the famous film Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter bring her to stardom and at the same time, she become an instant millionaire. Since her father was the one who handles her money, she have no idea on how much her money costs. At 17, having $75 weekly allowance surprise her of being a millionaire.