Another Tag from Ate Katherine

This is me endorsing my Unisilver watch hahaha...

This is another tag from Ate Katherine (you really made my day as busy as a bee ate hahaha). Well, this tag is just a simple tag but it is all about your self. People here are not really friends in person because we are not seeing each other in person. We are just friends here in the blogland. So, it is also good that we will write something about ourselves at least we have an idea who really is our friends here. And now I am giving this to all my blogger friends all over the world. Common guys let's introduce ourselves here. I want to know you more (I am sorry for not following the rule)

Here’s the rule:

Tag at least 5 of your friends. Inform them about the Tag. Put the link the one who gave you this Tag and write 25 things about yourself.

So, Here I am now:

1. I am 19 yrs. old.

2. I am 90 lbs. ( meaning I'm sexy).

3. I am 5'3" tall.

4. I have long black hair.

5. Loves to wear denim jeans, short pants and T-shirt.

6. I don't know who my biological father is.

7. I am the eldest on motherside but the youngest on father side. (don't ask me why hahaha).

8. I am a proud alumna of The Sisters of Mary School.

9. I have a big mole on my left chin.

10. I love music but music doesn't love me.

11. I was once a rondalla member during high school.

12. I hate Japanese food.

13. I love pizza.

14. I love shopping but I don't have money so that's it hahaha.

15. I don't know how to cook.

16. I hate shifting schedule in work.

17. I love blogging.

18. I love eating but still I'm thin (lol).

19. I love chatting (but no nasty chats please).

20 I begin working as accounting clerk at age of 16. (oppsss..I have permit).

21 I love watching movies.

22 I love fruits.

23 I wish to have laptop someday (for blogging purposes hehehe).

24 I am friendly too.

25 and the last but not the least I AM BEAUTIFUL no matter what they say (walang aangal).


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sister..i agree with you.. u are beautiful inside and out ^_^
this is one great know more about you.

by the way sis i have a tag for you:

=supergulaman= said...

kewl!...nice tag..nice watch...nice name it... :D

klivengood said...

This tag is so effective i think. See, at least, alam ko na ngayon kung sino si Gracia at ano ang hitsura nya...heheeh Thanks for posting this tag. Ma-trabaho ba?...hehehe

honeybhing23 said...

oi pareho pala taung eldest sa mother side then youngest sa father side...

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