Idiomatic Expressions with Meanings

Hello readers, it's a rainy afternoon here! I just woke up, seems that everyone feels like sleeping while I feel like blogging (^_^).

There is really nothing big deal in this post of mine, nevertheless I just wanted to share some of the Idioms that I learn by heart which was included in our 10pages reviewer during our finals. Yeah, I know it's so hard to memorize those 10pages reviewer of idiomatic expression with their meanings and origins but I was able to make it and hit the mark with a score of 100% in finals.

Who knows this might be a big help to other students who were given tasks by their professors to do research online. Just like me, everytime we have our homework, my source would always be the world wide web.

To begin, here are some:

hit the ceiling - to lose temper and really get angry
down to the short stroke - approaching the end of a long process
sit back - to relax and enjoy the free time
face the music - to accept the truth
cold turkey - to stop something abruptly and experience severe withdrawal
white elephant - something that is costly to obtain but provides a little benefit
little bird told me - secret source
strike when the iron is hot - to act decisively and take oppurtunity when present
faith will move mountains - faith is powerful
not enough space to swing a cat - the room is tiny
if the shoes fit, just wear it - learn to accept the reality
from stem to stern - thorough complete
keep your shirt on - to remain calm
chew the fat - to talk about unimportant things
on the dot - precise and accurate
in the red - debt, no money at all
red letter day - holiday
kiss of death - act or association entailing failure or ruin
head over heels - excited
clean bill of health - to be found healthy


I hope this would be a great help.


Rose said...

hi! nice idioms you got there! i also learned from it..

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