I am Hurting!!!

I will be fine!, I know,,but it’s hurting..

Living my life seems easy but surviving it is hard. I’ve gone through lots of life experiences not to be proud about..yet i’ve passed the greatest challenged God has planned..

It may not be the end but i knew it was never been the start…I am now facing the dilemma of my self..whether to go or to just sit behind. I know it was just a choice and it was my decision!

A lot of things may happen today, tomorrow and as long as earth continue to rotate,,,but i always think of my part this time…am i facing the different side of me, that is why i am confused, whether to laugh, to cry or to stumble against the world.

I wonder why i was at this point of my life..where i felt great loneliness that i could not pick the right word for me..i need peace of mind. i don’t know why..With all this i ask for your acceptance and understanding ,,except for myself i better knew a part of you has grown unto me so please…please understand me..please love me back in return. I regret loving you but what should I do? I hate myself everytime I get jealous but this is me...I'm inlove with you and I can't resist losing you.

After all this times i am happy being myself though i am confused , i understand it’s a part of life..be with me in this unstoppable shake of my existence

i will never forget YOU daddy, you who gAve me reasons to be happy, you who build my world..I know this is just trial for us to make our relationship more stronger so please hold on. We won't let this unconditional love of ours just be ruined by someone.


sheng said...

good to hear that u're back to blogging...kaso bakit sad naman agad ang post mo heheh

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