Returning to Blogging World

After a month of depression, my aura is now back to blogging!I was really really upset when google emailed me that my google adsense account was banned. It's like an end of the world to me. Duh! Not only that, they also give me a PR of 0 from my previous PR 2. After reading their email, I lost the interest to blog, I promise to myself that I will never blog again until I die. hahah. "Promises are made not to be broken" right?But please... forgive me for it's me who broke my own promise. I just realized that it's not yet the end of the world to me. I must accept that I'm still a newbie here and need to learn lots of things.

I may not gain back my adsense account, I'm just hoping that my pagerank will return to PR2. (fingers cross here). Please help me.

For a new beginning, I change my previous template to a white background template. Hope you like it.


pinoywebdev said...

What is google's reason of banning your adsense account? Any reason mentioned?

niko said...

oh my if they banned ur adsense account, might as well change your blog url, that is just my suggestion dear. kasi if they ban certain account, that same URL will not have her PR back for months. that is wat i heard from blogging friends ha.. if ur pR is not back after you are still blogging everyday. chagne mo n lng URL mo.. :)

welcome back! its not the end of the world nmn kng wlang pr. end lng ng opps sa PPP but u still have SS! increase ur traffic lng! :)

ingat lagi!

Dana Telco said...

I hope that you can trough it my friend, keep fight for bloging!

chubskulit said...

Hi Grace, I felt the same way when google terminated my adsense but I never of thought of quitting to blog lol.. i love blogging, thanks a lot for the bday greetings.. Follow na kita para balik ulit ako hehehe.. sana follow mo din wko.. charus lol..

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