Belated Happy Birthday to my Mom

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday

Happy birthday to you.

May the Lord, God bless you

May the Lord, God bless you

May the Lord, God may the Lord God,

May the Lord, God bless you.

While the whole Philippines is celebrating its 111th year of Independence yesterday, this is quite a double celebration for my mom who also celebrates her 45th birthday. We just go to SM Sta. Rosa, take our lunch at Paotsin and after a while, we start to do our mall routine, window shopping heheh:=)Yeah, everytime we go to mall, window shopping is always on our list hahaha. We also buy some groceries since we are planning to cook pansit at home. At 5pm we decided to go home cause my youngest brother seems so tired and exhausted already.

My bordmates we’re really full of surprises. My mother doesn’t even know that they cook gelatine for her. So, aside from the pansit, she has also gelatine as our desert. This is a very simple celebration but I can see on my mom’s eyes that she truly appreciates what we prepare for her.

Happy Birthday Mama, you are the best mom in the whole wide world. Thank you for all your support and love for us. Stay fit and may God bless us all.

To my stepfather, will you please stop giving burden to my mom? You better mind your own business. And don’t ever hurt my siblings anymore, cause if you do it once again as what you always did, with no hesitation, I will really report you to the higher authority.


Dana Telco said...

Happy birthday to your mama and your country. Hope better future.

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