My Alltime Wish

-I want to be a fulltime blogger-

Everybody knows dreaming is FREE so; I will grab this opportunity to share with you my alltime wish. One thing that will turn my little earth to heaven is when I pursue my blogging career. Yeah, read it right! I want to be one of the best blogger. (Not now, I know am still new here). It will be a dream come true to me when I saw myself just sitting with laptop on my front haha=). I really wanted to be a full time blogger as what other bloggers wish too. But time doesn’t permit. I need to work also cause I am a breadwinner. Being the oldest of 6 means a lot of responsibility. Wish me gudluck for that, I hope I can manage to take this responsibility God has given me. For now I am contented seeing my little siblings enjoy the fruit of their ate’s hardwork. I know in time when I am not busy anymore, my greatest wish will then come true.

Take care dear friends. Its Grace talking here as emo as she can hehehe:)LOL


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