This is my ever naughty brother. Well, why did I say that he is naughty?Simply because he possess all the naughtiness a 5yrs. old boy can do hahaha. The morning he wakes up, he would immediately go to the backyard and and start riding with his co playmates bicycle resulting to a high fever during night. When he feels that he is sick that is the time he would go to bed and take a nap...nap...nap...and will promise that he will never be makulit anymore!But when he gets well, that's the time that all his promises will be broken and again go with his playmates everywhere they want without asking my mother's permission.

Yesterday, it was already 2pm when we find out that he is not yet taking his lunch (forgive the bad ate busy chitchatting with her bordmates hahaha). My mother ask me if I know where he is but I just give her no answer. Ang alam ko kasi naglalaro lang sya together with his playmates, eh hindi na mapakali si mother so she decided to look for him but my bother was not there in our backyard. Buti nalang sabi nung kapitbahay namin eh nakita nya daw na sumama don sa friend nyang anak ng muslim, so at least medyo nagcalm down na si mother. Mayamaya dumating din at pinagmamalaking binilhan pa daw sya ng ice cream (as if naman hindi sya nabibilhan ng ice cream ng ate nya hahaha) without his knowing na super kabado na si mother dahil hindi sya mahanap. That’s how naughty he is.

Anyway, my brother is still bulol at the age of 5. He pronounces letter “G” as “D” that’s why he calls me as his Ate “Drace” instead of “Ate Grace”. He also pronounce letter “K” as “T” that’s why he calls his brother “Tuya Jeckjeck” instead of “Kuya Jeckjeck”. I’m looking forward for the time that he will be able to pronounce all the letters in the alphabet correctly. So help me God.


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