Petiks Lang...

Thanks GOD! After several times of trying to create blog, I finally come up with this one. And I’m so happy for the result. I don’t know yet how to make this cutie blog of mine more beautiful and meaningful so please bear with me my dear readers (if I have any).

As the year of the ox begin, please allow me my dear friends to introduce myself first!
I am Grace Falogme, single but absolutely taken by my dearest kuneho. A natïve of Romblon and proud Ilongga, I am currently residing in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and working as Accounting Clerk in one of manufacturing companies here in Laguna Technopark. I also belongs to the super proud graduates of The Sisters of Mary School. So to all my friends and colleagues out there, regards to all of you! Hanggang dito po muna ang aking walang kakwenta kwentang introduction hihihi!!!... Nice weekend everyone. Keep on rockin’ :)

Bye bye….


niko said...

welcome to the blogging world grace!!

i shall put u on my links.. ingats!

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