Aira to be the 2nd Member of Jury

Aira's journey to Survivor Philippines ended last Friday night, getting higher votes than Ervic Vijandre, the ex-boyfriend of Marian Rivera. Aira got 7 votes while Ervic got 2 votes among other castaways which leads to Aira's exit. She was now the second member of jury and has the guts to choose who will bring home the 3 million pesos. 

Aira's feels she was betrayed. Even Moi, Nanay Elma, and Solenn voted her. As a viewer I never taught that it was Aira who will be the 2nd member of the jury. But that is how they play the game. It only means that Aubrey Miles' alliance is stronger than her alliance since Aubrey was able to convince Aira's alliance to vote her off.


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