From, I shifted to was so tiring to shift to new URL since I had to inform one by one my blogger friends regarding the changes. I even go to internet cafĂ© last night to start sending them messages informing about my new URL.hahahaJ. Funny isn’t it? Since I’m still newbie here, it’s the only way I know I can do to have my blog on their list once again. So, I really need to have more patience hahaha. Shifting from one URL to another is such a hard thing but I know I am on my way now. I do hope that after changing my URL, I would be able to gain my PR back. (calling Mr. Google…kring…kring…kring…)

Guys, if it is not too much to ask, please spare me a single minute of your time and add me on your blogroll over and over again. Please..please..please…I’m begging you=). And for those who wants to exchange link with me, please leave me a comment either here or on my shoutbox. Thank you and enjoy blogging.


My sincerest thanks to my fellow alumni, fellow blogger, my very good friend, and my mentor as well for her excellent suggestion. Now I finally made it. Thanks Ate Niko.


niko said...

don't mention it! i wanted u to earn too. i know u will soon. ;)

take care!

chubskulit said...

Hi Grace, if i were you from blogspot to your own domain na sana kasi mas advantageous yung may own domain ka if you are planning to use it for sponsored post..

But anyhow, came here to tell you that I have something special for you, hope u like it!

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