Awards! Awardees!!!

What a super cute teddy bear!
I love your blog too!
Wow, being tag as "The Best Blogger" combined with Friendship was so overwhelming!!!
Thanks for this Ate Niks! Such a wonderful art.
Oh! Am not yet a queen dear, I'm still a princess hahaha....

Wooohuuuhh!Thanks Ate Nikko. It was so nice of you for giving me this award although I know I am not deserving to have this, still I will post it here on my site!Who cares, this is my site anyway hahaha..Receiving an award always made me ecstatic. This is really my all time favorite.

-This time, I will pass this to all my blogger friends who are on my LINK LIST. So guys, if you are on my BLOGROLL, please don't hesitate to grab this one. Have fun!


NURA said...

waoo very nice award for you,,,,Iwant to award,,,he,,he,,thanks

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