Unluckily-in-love actress DREW BARRYMORE is blaming her new tongue piercing for her lack of man action.
The film beauty underwent the painful decorative procedure after splitting from her ex-boyfriend, comedy actor JUSTIN LONG, last summer.
And although Drew’s delighted with her bejewelled mouth organ, she fears potential suitors are turned off by it.
She revealed on ELLEN DEGENERES’ chatshow: “I have had it for nine months, I got it and I have been single ever since. I don’t know what the deal is with that.
“I luckily did it for myself. I had always wanted to get one.”
The Charlie’s Angels star admitted she couldn’t eat or drink for weeks after the piercing.
She added: “After it was done I was like, ‘Oh my God why wouldn’t people do this? It doesn’t hurt at all,’ and the guy said, ‘What I didn’t tell you is that for the next two weeks it is going to be a little uncomfortable.’
“Two hours later I couldn’t eat or drink for two weeks, it was a great diet in a weird way, a sick and sadistic diet and after that it was fine.”

How about you guys?Would you like to have your tounge pierced too and put a ring on it?Well, you might be unluckily-in-love too so beware!!!===)))


klivengood said...

NO WAY!!! hahaha...i am scared to any kind of piercing.....

Add na kita...You have a nice blog. I like it. 2 thumbs up. Keep it up.

Gracia said...

thanks for the comment and compliment.

javieth said...

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